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Meet Linda

An award-winning watercolorist, Linda Mullen began her creative career painting in transparent watercolor more than twenty years ago.

Her education came primarily through personal experimentation with the aid of books, workshops and personal conversations with successful artists.

Linda's artwork is awarded in gallery exhibitions like the San Diego Watercolor Society with many of her more detailed depictions of glass and crystal coveted by an expanding collector base. Kaiser Permanente has ten pieces in their permanent collection.

Her watercolors, Honor and Life Streams are currently on a tour with the Freedom 58 Project art exhibit that promotes awareness of modern-day slavery. These exhibits are a component of the Justice Movement strategy to mobilize university students, faculty and communities.

A popular watercolor instructor, the artist offers private and semi-private lessons to painters at all skill levels, including beginners. She is a signature member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and the San Diego Watercolor Society.

Linda is also a Bible teacher, speaker, and ordinary person who shares her life experiences to encourage others. She is the author of Unglued, a tool to help you forgive and be free, Dancing with God, and Creative Spiritual Warfare.

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